• Friday , 23 February 2018

6th Annual Dinèr En Blanc Takes Over Franklin Square for Biggest Fête Yet

Story, photos by Tyra Gardner

Philadelphia hosted the 6th Annual Diner En Blanc Pop Up Dinner on a summer Thursday in August 2017. This is one of the highly anticipated premier events of the summer with 5,300 attendees starting at 6 p.m. All attendees dress in all white, meet at various designated locations throughout the city from 30th Street Station to the Sugar House Casino, some attendees walked from their locations while others that were at further locations were escorted their by Group Leaders on Chartered Buses. Each attendee was to bring their white fold up chairs, roll up tables, white table linens, white china wine glasses and picnic baskets containing their dinner to a peaceful party in the city. This year’s Diner En Blanc was held at Franklin Square. Attendees do not know of the destination until 1 minute of prior to arrival. This event is a success every year and this year there were a lot of new additions such as a Double Dutch Team to entertain the crowds and drum majors from a local school.

Some active attendees included these double dutch girls on a hot summer night.

Great additions to Diner En Blanc this year was onsite food attendees who were told to bring their entrees or they can order catering from the Dine En Blanc partner Caterers like Feast Caters here.

The table displays were amazing and all attendees did an amazing job with table displays.

Table settings were done in many fashionable designs.

Franklin Square was an amazing location for this event, during the day it is a playground that host children and child friendly events. Franklin Square for one night allowed adults to remember their childhood and participate in childhood memories such as riding the carousel, swinging on the swings, climbing on the monkey bars and playing a round of miniature golf.

Benjamin Franklin at Diner En Blanc 2017 in Franklin Square.

Franklin Square merry go round full of people dressed in white.

Miniature golf was another option at Franklin Square.

Diner En Blanc is creativity at its best all in Blanc.

Diner En Blanc party-goers on the swings, feeling like kids again.

Diner En Blanc party goers on the monkey bars being a child again for one magical night.

Diner En Blanc hosted an after party at the Sofitel Hotel in Center City which started immediately after the outdoor event. Diner En Blanc has a wait list every year and folks who want to attend hope to make the cut. Hope to see you at next years Diner En Blanc 7 Celebration.

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