• Friday , 23 February 2018

Boardroom Spirits Distillery Launches ‘C’ Made Entirely from Raw Carrots at Aldine

This is one way to get your veggies…

Story, photos by Cassie Hepler

What’s up, doc? Someone had to do it… take carrots and make booze out of it. And we’re glad it was a relatively new startup company Boardroom Spirits from Lansdale with awards to back them up.

C, a first-of-its-kind 92-proof eau de vie-style spirit created entirely from carrots, literally and figuratively, follows ‘B’, distilled entirely from beets, and is expected to have the same kitchen to bar versatility. Sold in their Lansdale, PA Distillery, it is available at Aldine, Martha, and Harvest as well as nationally through Ezra’s

It takes about 12.5 pounds of carrots to create one 375 Ml bottle of C. Much like all of Boardroom Spirit products, C is gluten-free and contains no artificial flavors, colors, added sugars, or preservatives. The spirit exudes a sweet, fragrant aroma comparable to freshly shaven carrots with hints of fennel and a flavor profile combining bittersweet, apple-like fruitiness against the pleasant, yet bracing, finish of refreshing carrot. It can be consumed as an aperitif or digestive, added as an interestingly vegetal addition to a Bloody Mary, combined with ginger beer and vodka for a creative twist on a Moscow Mule or even frozen with sugar water and served as a granita for dessert. 

“We are very eager to bring the first 100% carrot-based spirit to the U.S. market and based on the success of B, feel this new product will be a natural, delicious addition to an industry rife with so many unnatural flavors these days,” said Marat Mamedov, Founder, Boardroom Spirits. “Raw carrots have a naturally sweet flavor and aroma and much like springtime, awaken all of the five senses.”

The Boardroom Spirits crew, from left, Marat Mamedov, Zsuzsa Palotas and Vladimir Mamedov, co-founders of Boardroom Spirits.

Marat Mamedov spent over a decade leading large-scale, transformational projects at Deloitte Consulting. As one of the consultancy’s top managers, he focused on user experience design and process innovation. Mamedov brings his expertise to the board meeting by overseeing the product development, marketing, and sales & distribution initiatives as one of the three owners of Boardroom Spirits Distillery. With a strong head for business and a spirited background for distilling, Hungarian-born Zsuzsa Palotas manages the financial, legal, HR, events, and partnerships for Boardroom Spirits Distillery. As a former consultant to large, blue-chip companies, she brings her knowledge of financial and sales performance analytics and enterprise-level sales planning to round out the three-person board that helms Boardroom Spirits Distillery. Responsible for operations, supplier relations, and IT, co-owner Vlad Mamedov has the vision, insight, and know-how to reinforce the Boardroom Spirits Distillery mission for crafting a quality product using state of the art technology, and navigating those products into the right hands in the right way.

Boardroom Spirits C has its own custom made mini decanteur to allow the air to bring the flavor out for tastings.

The packaging is made to look like the periodic table.

Aldine’s carrot inspired menu and cocktails for the launch of Boardroom Spirits C.

First up, our favorite drink of the night the gimlet.

The Raspberry Thyme Gimlet included C Carrot, Vodka, Lime Juice and Raspberry Thyme Simple Syrup with all cocktails curated from Aldine’s master mixologist.

Our second favorite, the C-Rita.

A tart little tropical drink at Boardroom Spirits launch at Aldine, the C-Sour.

Carrot Custard at Aldine with Smoked Carrot Relish was savory and divine.

Slow-Roasted Carrots with Whipped Ginger Yogurt at Aldine were delicious little bites.

Carrot Crisps with Chimichurri almost tasted like pork rinds and could easily fool a carnivore.

Aldine’s spongy bread with carrot spread were carbolicious.

Aldine’s Carrot Croquettes with Pickled Carrot Aioli were little bites of heaven. The disappeared fast!

These were amazing and tasted like sweet ice cream with a bit of salt, the Carrot Semifreddo with Salted Pistachio at Aldine.

Miniature carrot cakes at Aldine hit the sweet yet healthy spot with cream cheese icing.

The bartender at Aldine, Zeq Rudy, was amazingly talented, pouring drinks while talking to the crowd and proud of his craft. The food was impressive and the chef and his co-owner wife were professional with true food and farm to table passion.

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