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Clean Eating is Good Eating at The Juice Merchant in Manayunk

Photos, story by Dana Prophet

It’s easy to be active in Manayunk. Residents and visitors can access any number of gyms, fitness clubs, yoga spaces and even the scenic Tow Path for a run, walk, or bicycle ride. When you need to take a break or just would like something natural and healthy, head on over to the newest establishment arriving in the area – The Juice Merchant. Across the street from mastermind Lenny Bazemore of Bazemore Gallery, you know it’s gonna be good!

The Juice Merchant

Delicious food, smoothies, and more awaits past these doors.

If you are in a rush and need something quick to go, walk into the pristine white and bright store and you will be greeted by a rainbow of fresh juices in a refrigeration case to your left that also holds various kinds of house-made humus and salads. Treat yourself with a side of veggie chips or raw vegetables to make it even more scrumptious.


Dive right into a bowl of roasted red pepper hummus and vegetable pita chips. The hummus comes in various delicious flavors.


Grab something great on the go. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you for it.


If the salad was any fresher it would still be on the farm.


Dive into a rainbow of yummy juices that are amazing for you.

Otherwise, if you have time to sit back and savor your meal, smoothie or drink, you have a choice of freshly made concoctions. All menu items are made to order. You will never consume anything that is filled with preservatives or additives.

Struggling with what to order first? A Beet It juice stood out with the healthiness of beets, carrots, pineapple, orange, and spices. One sip and our cells felt charged with renewed energy. The sweetness of the oranges, pineapples and beets were toned down just enough and replaced with a kick of the ginger and turmeric.


All of these wonderful fruits and vegetables will make one glass of Beet It Juice!


Smiling Juice Merchant employee Laura makes the juicing magic happen.


An easy way to get your daily allowance of fruits and vegetables.

As for the sandwiches, The Supervedge stood out in its whole wheat wrap filled with humus and a variety of fresh local vegetables. Even the most ardent omnivore would leave quite full after devouring that sandwich.


The Super Vedge is a hearty, yet healthy wrap. Also available with multigrain bread.

If you wanted something a bit lighter and still filling, check out their salads. The one tried on this visit was a magical concoction of tender kale, cherry tomatoes, roasted chickpea and shiitake “bacon” mushrooms. Don’t let the word bacon thrown in fool you; The Juice Merchant is very vegetarian friendly.


This salad is all vegan, healthy, and mouthwatering.

Save some room for dessert with a Chocolate Peanut Butter that you would swear is full of dairy and empty calories (it’s not). If you are not a fan of chocolate or peanut butter, choose to cool down with a Superfood Whip made with fresh fruit, granola, frozen banana and almond milk.


A mousse-like dessert you don’t have to feel guilty about – The Chocolate Peanut Butter Whip.


The Super Food Whip will give you your second wind.

No matter what you choose or the number of visits to make to The Juice Merchant, you’ll find something that will be your new favorite. Don’t worry about the menu getting stale with different seasons, new and just as fabulous items will pop up to fill your stomach, tantalize your taste buds, and refresh your soul.

Where to Find Them:

Simply Good Juicery and Cafe
4330 Main Street
(Manayunk) Philadelphia, PA
Hours of Operation:
Weekdays 7am – 8pm
Weekends 8am – 8pm

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