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Lobster Clambake at Red Owl Tavern is Back in Seafood Summer Action

Photos, story by Cassie Hepler

Red Owl Tavern is back with a deal steal of the summer, the Instagram worthy and picturesque New England-style Lobster Clambakes for $39 but even less at $25 every Monday starting at 5 p.m. and running through Labor Day. Plus new seasonal cocktails and Brewer of the Month never hurt anyone either!
Mom’s black speckled pots come brimming with mussels, clams, shrimp and potatoes, as well as corn on the cob and that succulent one pound steamed lobster. And don’t worry, if seafood is not your thing they have some of the best steak in the city to boot!
After last year’s success, we are excited to re-introduce this fun and delicious summer special,” said Restaurant Operations Manager Michael Kurtz. “We’re bringing a taste of the shore to the corner of 5th and Chestnut streets!”
Seafood lovers can indulge in a classic one-pot feast filled with mussels, clams, shrimp, fingerling potatoes and corn on the cob topped off with a one pound lobster. Plentiful outdoor tables flank both 5th and Chestnut streets boasting views of Independence Mall and just one block away from just one block away from the shiny new Museum of the American Revolution. Additional highlights include a new seasonal cocktail menu, crafted by Kyle Darrow, Lead Bartender and recent winner of the Visit Philly With Love competition, celebrates the art culture and history of Philadelphia. Some standouts include The Key and The Kite – concocted with Rhubard Infused Fords Gin, Lemon, Cardamon Bitters and Ginger beer; and the Penn’s Treaty – mixed with Bourbon, Black Pepper Tincture, Lemon, Strawberry Bell Pepper and White Balsamic Shrub. Guests can also find his winning cocktail; Art of the City featuring Black lime infused Bluebird Gin, Lime, Pastis, Orgeat Syrup and egg white, at participating hotel bars across Philadelphia.

Getting some of those delicious De Perrier rose bubbles and a Famille Perrin syrah blend red for our guest at Red Owl Tavern.

The official flyer for the lobster clambake packing the place full on a Monday night!

The smoked salmon dip is a Red Owl Tavern staple and so delicious. Perfect for a snack or to share.

Calamari keeps with our fishy theme, this and some fries will fill your I need grease now void at Red Owl Tavern.

The charred octopus with all its thick, meaty tentacles kind of stole the spotlight during dinner at Red Owl Tavern.

As soon as we saw wild mushroom pot pie, we had to try it at Red Owl Tavern with beets and cream cheese. I got a big dose of the cream cheese and am not a huge fan but my guest was raving!

Switching it up to the wine to offset the sweet seafood on its way was this tart Cotes du Rhone rose.

The lobster clambake we have all been waiting for at Red Owl Tavern. It seemed everyone was ordering this left and right that night.

Trying the duck prepared the way the chef recommended was a little too rare for me and my egg was transferred over to my guest as well… am I the only one who likes eggs in the morning only?

Always get the bucket of fries at Red Owl Tavern no matter what you ordered, they are the best.

It was one of those crazy, pouring outside city nights and all of the sudden the lights went out. Everyone gasped and then resumed when the emergency lights came on. It was kind of cool actually and servers were taking orders diner style and writing them down on tiny slips of paper. Our waiter was fantastic, keeping the mood light and not sweating it which did the same for the guests. Fortunately we were on our last leg of the meal and ordered dessert. I went for the S’mores as I love them but with the electric situation, was unavailable so went for the passion fruit cream pie.

Passion fruit cream pie was a little too cheesy and tangy for my tastebuds but my guest loved it so we switched off and were both happy.

The Red Owl Tavern chocolate custard is a classic and always satisfying however I was kicking myself for not going for the donuts!

An after dinner dessert wine in the semi dark was this potent and sweet Castro Cellars Late Harvest Zinfandel.

Just so you have an idea of the outside when it’s not pouring buckets outside, try to get there right at 5 p.m. and score these views.

Red Owl Tavern is a modern American restaurant and bar perched on the corner of 5th and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia’s Old City neighborhood. Directly across from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, the menu is described as rustic, with an emphasis on seasonal flavors. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily. Red Owl Tavern also features two exceptionally attractive private dining rooms below the main restaurant, taking advantage of the building’s original bank vault and arched brick ceilings to create unique spaces for groups of 10 to 30 guests. An expansive and attractive outdoor patio flanks Independence Mall where diners can indulge in modern American fare directly across from where the Declaration of Independence was signed when weather permits.

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