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North Wales Pourhouse Offers 120 Beers on Tap Plus… Poutine!!!

Story by Elspeth Misiaszek, photos by Alexander Waegel

The Pourhouse in North Wales opens September 21, 2015.

The Pourhouse in North Wales opens Sept. 21, 2015.

The Pourhouse will be opening its doors in North Wales at 29 Airport Square on Sept. 21, 2015. With a full menu of upscale pub food, their selection of fine food and brews is sure to please the entire family.

Pourhouse Mozarella Triangles

Mozzarella Triangles include spicy marinara sauce.

Pierogies with carmelized onions & one lonely pig in a blanket to the right

Pierogies with carmelized onions and one lonely pig in a blanket to the right.

Appetizers start at just $6 per plate, including mozzarella triangles, colossal shrimp with creole dipping sauce, and the ever classic pigs in a blanket.

What more could a beer geek ask for? Pretzel bites. Using Allagash white (an unfiltered Belgian wit bier) makes the pretzel cheese dipping sauce a stand-out option, even if you’re still sober when ordering.

Pretzel bites !!!

Pretzel bites !!!

Impressively, a local micro-brewery also finds a home on the menu at Pourhouse. Free Will Brewing Company, a Perkasie mainstay that has recently expanded, features a grapefruit-centric Saison de Rose.

Free Will Brewing Company Saison de Rose

Free Will Brewing Company Saison de Rose was delicious.

Note that the Pourhouse is a family owned business as well. Their chain includes PJ Wheelihan‘s, but the family started with just one location before expanding.

Through the years, and nine locations later, they’ve never lost focus on what’s important; giving back to the local community.

Victory Brewing Company, another local Downingtown-based brewery, also takes center stage. Pourhouse is the number one seller of their beer. In a candid moment, Director of Operations Chris Webb tells us how important it is to him to seek out smaller, enthusiastic breweries.

Director of Operations Chris Webb

Director of Operations Chris Webb was happy to host us.

In fact, Chris thrives on mentoring them to build their businesses to the level of success that Pourhouse has enjoyed.

It’s just this kind of hospitality that makes Pourhouse the place you want to spend your time …not to mention the 120 brews they offer on tap. Keep an eye out for expanding menu options. The North Wales location intends to offer larger portion dinner entrees. They’ll announce these selections shortly after their opening.

Additionally, don’t expect the Pourhouse to stand still for long. Chef Matt took a minute to advise Explore-Philly that he tests out his new ideas every Wednesday night, requesting feedback from those savoring his dishes.

Great big shrimps with spicy creole sauce

Great big shrimp with spicy creole sauce.

When a concept is well reviewed, he’ll tweak the menu to ensure that North Wales always maintains the “neighborhood bar feel” Pourhouse has become known for.

Tom, the regional manager, also swung by to tell us a little more about the four wines Pourhouse will be featuring on tap, including a beautifully smooth Napa Valley Cabernet, as well as a blend red, Meritage.

So, yes, for those vino drinkers in North Wales, they’ll be an excellent selection of wines, on a rotating tap, waiting for you at the Pourhouse, too.


Short rib gravy fries (foreground) go head to head with Poutine (background).

Finally, if you’ve been following Explore-Philly on Twitter, we took the plunge to sample both the Poutine (a Montreal favorite) and the short rib gravy fries. The verdict?

If you prefer a fry-centric snack, the Poutine used thicker fries and less gravy. The cheese curds were scattered on top as thick chunks.


And the winner is…Short rib fries.

The short-rib fries, however, were layered with hunks of thick, juicy meat, smothered in American cheese, and offered enough gravy to keep even the most discriminating Philadelphian quite pleased.

Despite Tim’s opinion that “they’re both different,” we’ve just got to say, hands down, order the short rib fries.

Wooky Jack washes down some delectable selections at Pourhouse North Wales

Wooky Jack washes down some delectable selections at Pourhouse North Wales

Wash them down with a Wooky Jack Black IPA and all will be perfectly right with the world by the time you finally leave the Pourhouse in North Wales … if you ever want to leave at all.


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