• Saturday , 20 January 2018

Off the Chain: Bonefish Grill Boasts Tasty, Fishy New Warm Weather Menu

Photos, story by Cassie Hepler

For being a chain restaurant attached to the somehow still poppin’ KOP mall, Bonefish Grill sure knows just how to handle fish right. Waiters and waitresses in chef’s jackets and upscale decor are the tell tail (see what I did there) signs that you might have a totally tubular dining experience.

The wood-grilled fresh fish experts at Bonefish Grill are springing into the season of sunshine (we hope) and lollipops with the recent launch of a new spring and summer menu. Featuring fishy delights like fresh, hand-cut Norwegian Salmon with choice of Jim Beam Bacon Butter Jam or Fresh Tomato Salsa and Rockefeller Cobia which is moist, sweet fish, wood-grilled and topped with sharp, creamy spinach and lump crab, we had to go taste test.

Also worth peaking our fins above Philly is Kate’s Wild North Atlantic Haddock — mildly sweet white fish, garlic crumb dusted, wood-grilled and topped with feta, artichokes and lemon basil butter sauce. Of course let’s now forget the booze. Oh, sweet handcrafted cocktails… like the 150-calorie Fresh Grapefruit Martini keeping lips puckered and waists trim or the popular Wild Orchid Hawaiian Martini, featuring Cruzan Guava rum, pineapple juice, ZICO coconut water and the island flavors of desert pear and coconut, smartly garnished in true Hawaiian-style with a floating orchid.

Fortunately for you, there are Bonefish Grill’s all over the Philly suburbs and easy to find in the directory. Or get your fish on and then walk it off while you exercise… err, shop in the mall. (It counts, trust us!)


The Bonefish Grill entrance next to Primark’s mega store with happy hours every day from 4 to 6 p.m.


Just a small bowl full of the crab and corn chowder will fill your belly full. With a nice kick at the end, it’s a stick to your ribs soup, perfect for these why-is-it-still-raining-outside days. Bonus: there’s bacon in there!


The house salad with citrus herb vinaigrette to get your greens on with some tasty olives thrown in for salty measure.


Going straight for the gold with the ahi tuna steak with mango salsa, creamy whipped garlic mashed taters and French green beans. It was ready immediately and we were deep in a feeding frenzy at this point!


We love some ahi tuna steak seared just right with pink in the middle. This was more of a purple but it tasted amazing, light and fluffy.


When the menu has brunch options until 2 p.m., you go with the surf and turf eggs benedict with asparagus tips for under $15. For filet mignon and lobster, you can’t beat that price point. Immediately after this photo, the food was gone when I looked back. You know it’s good when no one is talking.


We’re gonna call these what they taste like: beignets with chocolate and caramel sauce and whipped cream. Warm, doughy nuggets of sugar and carbs were an excellent treat following a protein packed meal.


Not on the menu yet but overhead and then visually hooked, we had to taste the strawberry shortcake for the spring/summer season. You can give me a plate of strawberries and I’m happy but add a lickable glaze, gobs of whipped cream and a sweet, fluffy biscuit and I’m in heaven. All the berries were eaten, not a one wasted!

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