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Philly Family Tries Their Luck on Family Feud with Steve Harvey

The Wongus Family takes a moment to smile with host with the most Steve Harvey of Family Feud.

Story by Cassie Hepler

Check your local listings and cheer on the Wongus Family for the popular game show Family Feud with Steve Harvey set for Tuesday, Jan. 17th at 7:30 p.m. on CW Philly 57. We caught up with the Philly family for a Q&A to find out what it’s like and how your family can sign up to be on the show too.

Q: Please list each person’s name who appeared on the show, their age, occupation and where they are from?

Timothy Wongus, age 41, Auditor for a Healthcare Organization from Overbrook area in Philadelphia, PA

Inez Mansaray, age 41, Childcare Provider from Lansdowne, PA

Sherra Sowell, age 32, Certified Medical Assistant from West Philadelphia, PA

Rachel Robinson, age 34, College Administrator from Philadelphia, PA

Pamela Charles, age 34, Makeup Artist from Havertown, PA

The Wongus Family all lined up and ready to play.

Q: How did you hear about the show?

“Toward the end of 2015, we learned through the Family Feud page on Facebook that auditions would be held in Philly. We jumped on the opportunity right away!” said Inez Mansaray.

Q: What was the interview/casting process like?

“It was a tedious process for all involved. There were hundreds and hundreds of families auditioning on that blustery winter day in January.  We had to play a mock game of Family Feud.  What fun that was!  Most important was making sure you stood out as a family. The producers were big on personality, laughter and plain old loudness!  Overall the interview/casting process is definitely worth it, a great experience should your family get chosen or not,” said Rachel Robinson.

Q: How did you choose which family members to go on the show?

“Well, Inez seemed to already have in mind who would be one of the fabulous five.  After all, she’s the one who learned of the auditions and harassed all of us until we finally said, ‘Yes, this will be fun!'” said Rachel Robinson.

Q: Where did you film, when and what time?

“We filmed in Atlanta, GA on August 2, 2016,” said Sherra Sowell.

Q: Did they fly everyone out to the filming location and if so where did you stay and what did you do while there?

“They sure did. We loved the fact that everything was all expense paid for the contestants. We were flown out on Delta Airlines. We stayed at the beautiful Omni CNN Hotel in Atlanta. Any additional family members had to pay their way. Fortunately, the Wongus Family is very large, so we had a nice bit of family pay their way to be with us. What a blessing! While there, we visited a few restaurants, explored the CNN Center, and practiced, practiced, practiced!” said Inez Mansaray.

Q: Was everyone nervous?

“We were all a little nervous for sure.  But we were ready to get it done!” said Timothy Wongus.

Q: Did Steve Harvey make fun of any family members?

“Steve Harvey is such a wonderful guy, he’ll have you laughing in tears in a heartbeat. Fortunately, none of us made the cut as the butt of any jokes. We were spared!” said Sherra Sowell.

Q: We know you can’t say who won, but were there any whoppers on the show that threw your family way off?

“There were many whoppers! One that stood out to us was a family that consisted of a divorced set of parents and their children. Steve definitely had a field day with that. That didn’t really throw us off, but it sure kept us giggling,” said Inez Mansaray.

Q: Did you have a dud on the team who knew nothing? Feel free to roast them!

“That would be me! I was on a roll during our little rehearsals and even while we were audience members during the show… but I cannot believe the two questions I answered I got X’s. It’s more intense up there than it looks. In my own defense, I thought they were pretty good answers!” said Pamela Charles.

Q: Would you do it again?

“Without a doubt!!” said Timothy Wongus.

Q: If you won the money, what would be the plans for it?

“Many of us basically shared the same reasoning; we’d pay off a little debt, but also do something fun with our families,” said Rachel Robinson.

Q: How can other Philly families get on the show?

“Be sure to listen out for when Family Feud comes to Philadelphia for auditions. I learned of the auditions on Facebook, so be sure to ‘Like’ their page!” said Inez Mansaray.

Q: How did you decide what to wear? Did you get your makeup/hair/nails done? 

“We decided to all wear purple and I made little butterfly pendants for the ladies to represent Lupus Awareness. It was the perfect choice being as though I was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 16 and has been an advocate for many years. We mulled over it again and again, mainly looking for ways to set us apart from other families. We agreed on the colors in the purple family. We looked great if we do say so ourselves,” said Pamela Charles. “We were responsible for having our own makeup/hair/nails done prior to arriving to the studio.”

Q: Were you obsessed with the show before being on it?

“A few of us loved the show before this opportunity. But once you experience it, you will watch religiously as we all do now,” said Rachel Robinson. “If you’re ever in a position to get on this show, just remember to HAVE FUN.  Everything around you can be serious at times, but the moment will be gone before you can really enjoy it.  So have fun throughout the entire process!”

It’s harder than it seems up on stage said the Wongus family. Have you ever noticed that the microphones come out of ice cream sandwich looking podiums?

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