• Friday , 23 February 2018

Restaurant Wister BYOB Bringing Some Solid Taste to Old City


Story, photos by Jae Rich

Looking for a great place to dine in the historic Old City in Philadelphia? Well, the brand new Wister BYOB is the just the place. This modern brick house restaurant that specializes in quality seafood is bringing the flavors of the ocean and beyond right to your table.

The name Wister was pulled from Old City Philadelphia’s Historic Wister building named after master ironworker John Wister. Upon entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by exposed brick walls dating back hundreds of years, fine metal work and dimly lit tables.

Explore Philly had the opportunity to enjoy a private tasting of the upcoming fall menu and the dishes were bursting with flavors of satisfaction. With a menu ranging from swordfish to pork chops and color plates of beets and fruit there is something for almost every palette to enjoy.

Chef Benjamin Moore amazingly bold menu features big flavors that will highlight the seasons and bring variety to the restaurant, Another cool feature for this vibrant restaurant is the amazing price point will be set around $30 per entree with daily specials.

Check out the amazing dishes we dived into during the tasting.

Sweet Butter & Bread

Beginner Bread Board filled with sweet butter spread and olive oil presented at each table was delicious on its own.

Delicious Sweet Potato & Sweet Butter Rosti was simply mind blowing

Delicious Sweet Potato and Sweet Butter Rosti was simply mind blowing.


Selected appetizer of Baby Squid topped with peanuts and bok choy was salty, nutty goodness.


Appetizer swordfish with heirloom beans, chermoula and lavash was spot on for taste.


Organic Beets with tender lettuce, Walnut and Cana de Oveja. Who doesn’t love a beet salad?


Main Entree of Berkshire Pork Chop with Offal Stuffed Potato, Hakuri Turnip and Rosemary hit the spot.


Entree featured Monkfish with Sungold Tomato, Bacon Hush puppy and Crab Jus for the win.


A pumpkin ice cream dessert to die for.


Chocolate nutter butters? Best idea ever.

For dinner times and more feel free to visit the website at wisterbyob.com

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