• Friday , 23 February 2018

Sit Outside and Enjoy Sunset Views, Chews at Winnie’s LeBus in Manayunk

Photos, story by Cassie Hepler

Winnie’s in Manayunk is a Main Street Manayunk staple, full of fresh food and sweet sunny – or sunset – views. Usually I always do brunch or lunch there and once upon a time, they did quizzo during happy hour for a steal and I would leave every night with a ridiculously large chocolate cupcake as a snack for later.

This time we were invited for a lazy Sunday dinner with a fresh abundance of summer fruits and vegetables prepared the homemade way. In a culture of pre-prepped, packaged and ready-to-eat, it’s nice to know that there are still some hometown Philly favorites that are really homemade. Winnie’s tastes are at the peak of flavor because it is the peak of fresh fruit and vegetable season.

And if you don’t have time to dine, you can always swing by and pick up something made fresh. Everyone knows the bread is bangin’ but there’s more. Think of grandma’s kitchen on canning day… where good food made the fresh is the best! The Winnie’s team hand crafts a famous grilled corn salsa which finishes off many of the plates and is always a top request for catering. The sticky sweet Jammin’ Strawberry, Jammin’ Mixed Berry and Jammin’ Peach preserves are made by hand with Winnie’s secret recipe. The salsa, guacamole and chips are homemade in the kitchen.

Regardless of whether you’re a Yunker or traveling through, Winnie’s relaxed style will makes everyone feel right at home in a nice dress or flip flops. We went with a mix of both on a mild summer afternoon.

Always say yes to the bread basket at Winnie’s in Manayunk, the fresh baked bread is a Philly staple.

The seasonal sangria – white or red – is exceptional at Winnie’s Manayunk. A carafe will fill about two large wine glasses full and the mango and pineapple was a delicious booze soaked treat at the end.

Our cheese plate was as tasty as it was beautiful. My favorite was the brie and my guest loved the sharp with the jam and fruit on top. This is when that extra bread basket comes in handy!

Very picky with my hummus (still in love with Zesty’s hummus down the street), this was a good runner up and the grilled veggies were a delicious, light snack.

The heirloom and feta salad with avocado wedges was delightful and super healthy.

The gin spiked blueberry lemonade was tangy while the strawberry mojito was delightful and never watered down at Winnie’s Manayunk.

This pan seared salmon was cooked to crispy perfection over a bed of arugula and baby carrots at Winnie’s Manayunk.

The cajun tilapia fish tacos were so delicious, we didn’t even wait for fresh plates. The fish and lime flavors really stood out!

The mini version of truffle fries were heavenly and the runner up were the sweet potato fries at Winnie’s Manayunk.

Before we knew it, it was getting dark outside but we were still enjoying the views at Winnie’s Manayunk.

Vegan lime toasted coconut ice cream was the star of this plate with the raspberry tart needing just a little more fruit and less tart.

The chocolate cake was thick, dreamy and decadent and so filling it had to come home with me at Winnie’s Manayunk.

A glutton for stomach pain, we tried to squeeze in the Sour Patch Kid tart margarita fresca with tequila and strawberry before we left at Winnie’s Manayunk. We’re hoping our amazing server Adam enjoyed it though!

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