• Friday , 23 February 2018

The Democratic National Convention Political Fest a Slice of DNC Fever


Photos, story by Jae Rich

What a historical time it was this past week in the beautiful city of Philadelphia. The Democratic National Convention left its mark on the streets of Philly in more ways than one. From protestors and tourist filling up the side walks to beautiful colors of red, white and blue splashed across every monumental building the city has to offer. This city was definitely a political fest for sure.

This past week Philadelphia put on its best patriotic performance as we housed some of the best events and exhibits throughout downtown. Already a staple city known for its  historical roots, it was pretty awesome to see some of the amazing exhibits that were added for the major event.

One of the really cool events that took place throughout the week was Political Fest, which was a historical road to the White House. Exhibits included patriotic programming, game shows, a look into the oval office and some of the nations most historical and time captivating events.

Political Fest included 6 days and 7 stops at some of the city’s most significant sites including the National Constitution Center, Pennsylvania Convention Center,National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia History Museum at The Atwater Kent, The Library Company Of Philadelphia, Historical Society Of Pennsylvania, & The Heritage Center at The Union League.

Check out some of the amazing pictures from the fest throughout the city.


In front of the National Constitution Center, a mock White House.


At The National Liberty Museum pictures of a soon to be hopeful President of the U.S. Hillary Clinton surrounded the entrance.


The Democratic Donkeys were placed all around Center City and were a part of a scavenger hunt. We spotted West Virginia.


John F. Kennedy timeline aligned the walkway of the exhibit as tourist aboarded the mock private plane.


The famous John F. Kennedy Limousine displayed as it payed tribute to 50 years after the assassination.



The private plane for President Kennedy for people to take a walk through.


Over at the National Liberty Museum featured some of the iconic dresses our First Lady’s wore throughout their time.


First Lady Nancy Reagan dress beautifully displayed at the exhibit.


First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy iconic dress on display at The National Liberty Museum.


An original pair of President Barack Obama’s shoes on display during Political Fest.


Pictures of President Barack Obama and his two daughters Sasha and Malia sharing a walk in The White House.

For more information about the Political Fest visit PHLDNC.com/PoliticalFest.

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