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Trevor Noah Wins Lots of Laughs at SugarHouse Casino

Trevor Noah's comedy show at SugarHouse Casino.

Trevor Noah smiling at the crowd during his comedy show at SugarHouse Casino on April 23rd . Photo credit: The Sharp Agency/Matt Bishop for SugarHouse Casino

Story, photos (unless otherwise noted) by Tim Beckel

The crowd at the SugarHouse Casino’s Event Center left full of laughs after enjoying Trevor Noah’s standup routine on a Spring Saturday. Noah, host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, performed his stand-up for a sold out crowd and touched on topics outside the usual current events slant of his show, including his experiences traveling and many riffs on the differences between the U.S. and his native South Africa.

The night started with Angelo Lozada warming up the crowd as the opening act. Lozada has been a stand-up comedian for many years, but joked that he needed an immigrant from Africa to help him get his break. In addition to being Trevor’s opening act this night, he serves as the in-house stand-up act at The Daily Show, meaning he performs for The Daily Show’s studio audience before each show tapes.

Soon enough, his performance was over and it was time for Trevor Noah. He started out with
some material on the current headlines including the presidential election and Harriet Tubman being added to the $20 bill. The crowd most enjoyed his many jokes on the differences between the United States and his home country. Noah talked about some of the culture shock he experienced when he first came to the United States from South Africa. He noted in a story about ordering his very first taco ever that he was offered a napkin for the mess. In South Africa, the term napkin is the equivalent of a baby’s diaper so he thought eating tacos must lead to a very big mess indeed!

The crowd was raucous throughout the night and everyone seemed to really enjoy the style of
comedy that Angelo and Trevor brought to SugarHouse. More details on Trevor and future tour dates can be found at his website.

Trevor will be back in town in late July as part of The Daily Show’s coverage of the Democratic
National Convention being held at the Wells Fargo Center from July 25th to July 28th.


The crowd files in anxiously awaiting the start of the comedy show.

Trevor Noah_SugarHouse_1 (crop)

Trevor Noah performing his comedy act for the SugarHouse Casino. Photo credit: The Sharp Agency/Matt Bishop for SugarHouse Casino


Trevor talks about sticking out from the crowd while traveling in Scotland.

In this clip, Noah talks about telling his family about getting a job … as host of The Daily Show. Noah’s stand-up special “Lost in Translation” aired on Comedy Central in November 2015.

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